Congratulations to all 54 Country Finalists and Winners at i-SiNG World Finals 2018 in Paris!


30 Sept 2018, Singapore– Following our i-SiNG World Finals held last year in Yangon, the 2ndWorld Finals was incredibly successful held in Paris, France this year between 19th-23rdSept. With more 50 country champions from over 40 countries, the number of participated country and finalists this year was doubled from last year’s 24 countries. All country champions were pre-selected by i-SiNG country organizers all over the world before competing with countries including Venezuela, South Korea, Ghana, Finland, Comoros, Canada, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Morocco, Guinea, China, Hong Kong and more…

All i-SiNG World Partners met and gathered at the partners’ meeting on 18thSept before the finals to discuss 2018’s performance and future plans of i-SiNG World. We are glad to introduce i-SiNG Junior for aged between 6-15 years and to be launch in 2019. More marketing tools will be utilized for next year to help country partners to grow their event as well as introduction of i-SiNG Room to create brand awareness and audience reach.

Welcome party was held to welcome all country partners, finalists and guests from 40 countries and tokens of appreciation were awarded to all country partners to recognize their efforts over the years.

During the next 4 days of competition,  all 54 finalists from Solo Category and Duet Category went through first 2 rounds of competition. Top 15 finalists from solo category and top 3 finalists from duet category were selected based on Round 1, 2 and 3’s results and battled into Round 4 on the last day, 23rdSeptember. What’s more, 3 wild cards from solo category and 2 wild cards from duet category were chosen by the judges and i-SiNG management to compete with the top finalists at Round 4. Solo and duet category’s Champions, 1strunner up and 2ndrunner up were hailed after 4 days of tough competition and i-SiNG World would like to congratulate again to all following winners and to our champions:

Newly announced Solo Category Grand Champion, Mr. Syafiq Ikhwan from Malaysia and Duet Category Grand Champion Mr. Ju Young Jung & Ms. Hanna Lim from South Korea


1stRunner up of Solo Category Ms. Tetiana Ihnatenko from Ukraine and Duet Category Ms. Nicole Ann Forcadela & Mr. Nicolas Baser from Philippines


2ndRunner up Duet Category winner Mr. Mark Gil Moraga and Mr. Richard Buenaventura from Saudi Arabia with Head Judge Mr. Chux Oliveira and Ms. Loly from KaraokeMedia 


Winners of Solo Category:

Grand Champion – Syafiq Ikhwan, Malaysia
1stRunner up – Tetiana Ihnatenko, Ukraine
2ndRunner up – Spain

Top Solo Category Finalists:

Eleanor Sharpe, Australia
Wayne,  China
Sophia Vastamaa, Finland
Anthony Kier,  Greece
Clynton Fernandes, India
Nicole Forcadela, Philippines
Ana Stanciulescu, Romania
Mark Gil Moraga,  Saudi Arabia
Shai Othman, Singapore
Seung Yeon Lee, South Korea
Siren Wu, Taiwan
Indhira Luna, Venezuela
Richard Caby, France
Oleksandr Ilvakhin, Ukraine
Steven Bedolido, Vietnam

Winners of Duet Category:

Grand Champion – Ju Young Jung & Hanna Lim, South Korea
1stRunner up – Nicole Ann Forcadela & Nicolas Baser, Philippines
2ndRunner up – Mark Gil Moraga & Richard Buenaventura, Saudi Arabia

Top Duet Category Finalists:

Julez Liberty & Stephen Folkers, Germany

The event would not be possible without the support of our international sponsors, Okebox Asia, Yuroz Beer and Tri-T as well as local sponsors.

As i-SiNG culture, we support a local foundation or association yearly to helps the needy in the country. This year, i-SiNG World and i-SiNG France host – L&A Projets Informantiques supported Tournesol, Artistes a l’Hopital to help talented artists in the country who needs medical care. With our country partners, guests and finalists’ generous donation, we raised a total of EURO 7501 during the event and presented the cheque to the representative of the association on the last day.

i-SiNG France Host, Mr. Frederic Laurent handling over the donation to the charity with i-SiNG World Chairman Mr. Yuro T.

We are thrilled that all participants enjoyed and had fun during the past few days of event, friendships were build, love was shared and gratitude was given without limit and differences between nations. Again, apart from the competition, it is i-SiNG World’s goal to bring all talents around the world on the stage to witness their achievement.

We would like to thank everyone including the production team, judges, our hosts and all participants to make the event a wonderful one! Not to forget, we are bringing the i-SiNG World Finals 2019 to Spain next year!

See you in Spain, October in 2019 and watch out for more updates on our social media @isingworld!

For all enquiries, please write to us at

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