i-Sing to Appoint New Managing Director and Board of Producers

16th March 2017, Singapore – We are delighted to announce the members of Board of Directors (BOD) for i-Sing. At the same time, BOD has also appointed the new Board of Producers for this worldwide singing competition: i-Sing.

To achieve the goal of promoting singing talents in individuals who aspire to shine and showcase themselves on the world stage, i-Sing’s Board of Directors has unanimously voted and appointed Ms. Htwe Hla Han as Managing Director and Mr. Chan Win as Deputy Managing Director. Having an extensive experience in event organization, both Ms. Htwe and Mr. Chan Win believe in creating experience for all participants and shareholders in events industry by working very closely with all producers and directors.

The aim of the Board of Producers is to align with i-Sing’s goal and mission – to create a world-class singing event that incorporates new elements and new standards to our talents and making them proud of who they are. The responsibility of Board of Producers includes inputting their value and fine-tuning the program and standards, managing country partners in their region, source for suitable country partners and sponsors, and of course, making the best experience for all participants!

With that, we welcome Ms. Htwe and Mr. Chan Win to lead the Board of Producers and we certainly looking forward to a more exciting competition!