How to Register

i-SiNG World 2018

Registration for 2019 i-SiNG World

Eligibility and Category

  • Differences between i-SiNG World and i-SiNG Juniors
    • i-SiNG World: for talents aged above 17 year old
    • i-SiNG Juniors: for young talents aged 6-16 year old
  • Category in i-SiNG World and i-SiNG Juniors
    • i-SiNG World: open for solo singer and group singers (2-5 persons in a group)
    • i-SiNG Juniors: only open for solo singer
  • Entry requirement
    • We accept all singing talents from age and category mentioned above
    • Have the passion to sing and perform on world stage!

Registration Process

This online registration is open for all talents for both i-SiNG World and i-SiNG Junior!

If you were not informed and not sure of your local country i-SiNG organisers, you may register on our website and we will forward your registration to the person-in-charge in your country.

For countries which do not have local i-SiNG organisers, i-SiNG Headquarter will be handling your registration and give you guideline on the next step.

To register online on our website, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Fill up all your details on Registration Page
  2. You will receive a confirmation email once you’ve registered successfully
  3. Your registration form will be forward to the person in charge in your country who will get in touch with you directly
  4. You may or may not required to send online audition video for evaluation into the finals

The processing time may take up to 5-8 weeks after we received your registration.

If you enter any problem in registration or if you have any enquiries, please drop us an email at: